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Frequently Asked Questions  

  • What are the IP numbers Montastic is using the check my URLs?

    Montastic uses many servers located in the US and the IP# changes constantly so we cannot provide a list of IP numbers. 

  • What is the user agent montastic is using?
    When checking websites, Montastic uses this user agents:
    • montastic-monitoring http://www.montastic.com
    • montastic-webmonitor http://www.montastic.com
  • Do I need to install something on my server?

    No. Montastic checkers will probe your servers from different locations on the Internet. Your server needs to be accessible to Montastic checkers.

  • What is the timeout period?

    Montastic will try to fetch a URL for 45 secs twice. If both times the URL is unreachable the status changes to unreachable and recipients are notified of the new status.

  • How does Montastic actually check a URL?

    Montastic uses a combition of HTTP HEAD and GET depending on what is most efficient and appropriate for that particular URL.